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Renown Statistic

  The town of Griffon’s Hamlet is all based on who you know and who knows you. Therefore to reflect this, a Renown statistic might serve. Essentially, all outsiders start out with a base Renown of -3 when dealing with any citizens of Griffon’s Hamlet. Renown acts as a Charisma modifier.

      So for example, Klementi the Cleric comes to Griffon’s Hamlet from Kale. She has a Charisma score of 18, but she has never been in town before. Her normal Charisma modifier is +4, but because she is a stranger in Griffon’s Hamlet she takes a -3 penalty. Therefore her Charisma modifier while dealing with anyone in Griffon’s Hamlet is +1 (4 - 3 = 1). Now, as she gets to know the people in town, her Renown can increase. If she helps the local clerics defeat a plague, her Renown will increase. Table A-1 has a few examples of Renown point awards. At no point in time can a PC gain more than 3 Renown points at one time. Even if multiple heroic deeds are committed, the PC’s will still only get the maximum of 3 Renown. This is because the townspeople are not sure if that was just a one time heroic deed or if the PC is truly a heroic figure. The residents of Griffon’s Hamlet want you to prove yourself.

      A PC can never have more than +5 Renown points in Griffon’s Hamlet. Please note that these points are meaningless outside of Griffon’s Hamlet. A person with +5 Renown points in Griffon’s Hamlet receives absolutely no benefits from these points in any other city.

      By the same token a character can lose Renown. If a PC should drop to -10 Renown points they are ostracized from the town. The people will demand the expulsion of this PC and will call the Griffon’s Talon to enforce their will. The most a character can lose at any one point in time is 4 Renown. So if a PC kills a local hero, refuses to tip a waitress, insults the mayor and fails to fulfill a contract, the PC will only still lose -4 Renown points.


Table A-1: Sample Renown Awards



Renown Gained

Save the town from an attack alone


Purchase a house or land in town


Save a child from a well


Make a profit for the town


Help fight a fire in town


Barter badly


Lose money for the town


Tip badly


Insult a local hero or celebrity


Fail to fulfill on a contract


Be from out of town


Start a bar brawl with a local



Table A-2: Benefits/Disadvantages of Griffon’s Hamlet Renown




Sample Benefits


You’ll never buy a beer in town. You will receive constant marriage proposals. Townspeople will encourage you to run for political office.


Automatic 10% discount on all goods & services. Locals seek you out for advice. The Griffon’s Talons salute you on the street.


Stay in an inn for free, so long as you agree to appear in the Common Room for 2 hours a night.


Pay no mark-up on goods & services. People are noticeably friendlier and old ladies do not look at you funny anymore.


The people now treat you with respect. You can enter the Griffon’s Tail tavern without being beaten.


The more gregarious townspeople will greet you on the street and some will actually know you by name.


You might not be killed for having a drink at a “locals only” pub if accompanied by a local.


People aren’t sure how to treat you. They want to be nicer but they still think you are an outsider.


Normal for an outsider. You can stay in inns and pubs so long as they are for foreigners only.


Pay +10% for all goods & services. People will talk loudly behind your back.


Stay away from residential areas. The townspeople will insult you obliquely. The Talon will begin to harass you if you are not in the “right areas” of town.


You can no longer stay at an inn or be seen in public without harassment.


You are openly sneered at in public places. Children will insult you and run away. The Talon will insult you loudly on the street. People make it clear that they seriously dislike you.


Townspeople spit on you in the streets; you pay an additional 25% for all goods and services.


People loudly ask you why you are still in town before throwing rocks at you. You can’t buy anything no matter how much you offer to spend.


You are banished from town on pain of imprisonment. This order is enforced by a mob of townspeople with torches and pitchforks.


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